ZPIC Ultimate Purpose is To Determine Fraud

As opposed to a random investigation, the primary purpose of a ZPIC Audit is to determine fraud. If a particular provider is subject to endure a ZPIC audit, it is because of the fact that the ZPIC is seeking to gather more information or it is already the subject of a fraud investigation. That is to gather more information to identify whether such an investigation should be unlocked. Therefore, providers must check this ZPIC Audit Facebook website  to get some ideas and help. A current report from the US Government Accountability Office or GAO states that appeals made by Medicare Law Judged or ALJs which handled the same case haven’t kept any same place at all.

Reckless Documentation Cost Organization Revenue 

Providers should identify that a ZPIC audit has been never random. And must practice maximum vigilance in effectively and promptly responding to an authentication request from the ZPIC. There are 42% of Medicare claims for E/M services were summarized improperly in recent years. Failure to documentation and validation of your physician’s records coding could cost your organization revenue. The worse is putting you at risk for even bigger financial pitfalls. Healthcare is very complicated, but covering your bottom line with professional healthcare auditors doesn’t have to be one. Health care providers are serving Medicare patients that are currently facing important increases in audit activity in current years. A backlog in applications for those audit investigations are more getting worse than ever.

Audit Services

Everyone wants an auditor they can trust. Kind of well-trained healthcare auditors that conduct over 150,000 audits in a year. Having clients that range physician teams to large integrated academic medical centers and health systems. To make sure that your findings are all accurate. Matching the expertise of each auditor by conduct multi-tier and medical specialty reviews on every audit. Whether you are looking for a medical billing auditor, Medicare audit contractor or the perfect match for your medical, clinical or hospital audit. All of that is covered. But the best of all, you are going to save your time and budget.

Additional Services 

Eliminate skills and improve your revenue. A flexible training and education will make your organization into a well-oiled machine. Furthermore, the charge description master maintenance can conceivably save your practice thousands of dollars. There are more auditing services like denial appeals, corporate integrity agreements, revenue cycle management improvement and litigation support or expert witness. It is very significant that each provider involved in appealing Medicare claims has able legal representation.


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