Why It’s Right To Do Some Biohacking With Modafinil

Bioenhancers or biohacking, whatever you call it are basically about enhancing one’s capabilities with the help of drugs. The human mind is stronger than the body and the reason why it experiences limitations is because of the human body. Because of this given fact and how humans are so obsessed with becoming better, thus biohacking was conceived. It’s a means of making the human body perform better.

One of the best example of that is a drug called Modafinil. It’s a mix of a nootropic and eugeroic that helps people have increased cognitive function, focus and wakefulness. There has always been a debate about whether or not biohacking is actually bad or not. The safe answer is both, it’s bad if you use it during competitions that bans these types of drugs, but if there’s no contest then use it.

Is using modafinil considered cheating: People always wonder if using a smart drug is actually a form of cheating, surely the people asking these are in school or in the academe. The answer is technically no. While this drug was tagged as a smart drug, it still doesn’t make anyone smart without one’s effort. The drug simply provides a boost in brain capacity, energy, and focus that helps a learner to learn more. If that person taking the drug is not making use of the drug by not listening to class, the drug will still not be that effective.

Why do you need to use one: People use these types of drugs because they need that boost to help them pass a test, to help them get through an oer time work, when they try to pull an all nighter to get a job done, when a driver needs that extra wakefulness to keep his eyes on the road, for a pilot to stay awake and focus not to crash a perfectly sound plane. Those are just a few and there are many. There are many things that people need to do that will require them to think, for them to focus and not to fall asleep and Modafinil is one of the drugs that can help them when they need it.

Why you should not use it: Modafinil is not perfect, not to discourage anyone. The drug is great, it works fine and there are less people that experiences any side effects. The reason why the drug is not perfect is because it can potentially be used the wrong way. It doesn’t have a fail safe (like all drugs do). People might want to fight off sleep constantly to watch Netflix and they use it by taking the drug, a person thinks that he can make a black hole when he takes a while bottle of the drug. While the examples are a joke, various government recognizes it’s potential risks that is why it’s either controlled or banned in some countries.

Biohacking is indeed an acceptable thing now, just don’t use it in circumstances that you will get in trouble for it or help you become awake to pull an all-nighter just to watch Netflix shows. If you want to get and buy modafinil online, be sure to visit Afinil Express. If you’re wondering is Modafinil legal to buy online, it is, as long as you the buyer will adhere to your country’s laws about the purchase of the drug.

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