When to Look for Help: Signs You Need to Tackle Your Addiction

Many people believe that drug addiction only involves drugs like heroin, meth or cocaine. You should be aware that if you are prescribed with potentially addictive drugs like anxiety medications and painkillers, you are putting yourself at risk of abusing it.

If you want to break the cycle of addiction, it is time that you think about Legacy or rehab center. At the end of the day, rehab centers can help in your journey to recovery. Many people do not make a breakthrough because not all know the signs of drug addiction.

To get the help you deserve, you need to know the signs of drug addiction. Here are the signs:

If you think you have a problem

If you think you have a problem, it is a clear sign that you might be addicted. Whether it is just a feeling or something more, you should not ignore it too quickly. The best that you can do for yourself is to pay attention to worrisome thoughts because it can save your life or at least steer you away from more dangerous things.

Other people expressed concern about your addiction

Sometimes it is hard to admit and see your habits or patterns but in the eyes of other people, they will immediately spot the difference. If you heard many people expressing concern about your addiction, you must seek professional help because you might be addicted.

drug addiction

Hiding your use from loved ones and friends

If you are trying to hide your use from your loved ones and friends, it is a clear sign that you are addicted. You are hiding because you know that you will be “ridiculed” and these people would be “judgmental”.

If the illicit drug is involved and you know about serious legal ramifications once caught but you still use it anyway, it is a sign that you are addicted because you want to forget everything just to get a taste of it.

Use of drugs to cope with stress

Another clear sign is using drugs to cope with stress or numb feelings like pain. People call this “self-medicating” and if it suddenly becomes a “need”, then you have a big problem.

Work or school performance is suffering

Finally, if your work or school performance is suffering, you should start seeking professional help because it can rot your relationship without you knowing. The decline is not immediate – it is gradual so it is difficult to spot if you are so engrossed in your use.

Other signs

While there are five signs mentioned above, you should know additional signs. Keep in mind though that these additional signs could be due to other things. For purposes of awareness here are other signs: memory problems, changes in appetite or sleep, neglecting personal appearance or hygiene, mood swings, selling possessions, borrowing money, evasiveness, and many more.

Final words

You should be keen on your recovery to salvage whatever is left with your life, job and relationships. It is never too late but before anything, you should admit you need help by looking for signs.

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