What Gamers Wish to See in GTA 6

It’s safe to say that most fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are now wondering, “When is GTA 6 coming out?” At the time of writing, details are highly scarce as to the release date of the next major installment of the GTA franchise. However, it doesn’t mean that the rumor mill has stopped churning.

Reports about GTA 6 are popping up left-and-right and these made fans of the series to list down a few things as to what they would want to see in the next major installment.

A Female Lead Protagonist

 GTA is known for guns, cars, and money, but there is a severe scarcity of female lead roles. The latest group of protagonists in GTA 5 doesn’t even include a woman while they’re doing heists. The only way to get a female lead role is through the game’s online mode, but that doesn’t have any story elements. Many fans call out to Rockstar Games as they decree it’s high-time to introduce the Grand Theft Auto 6 Female Protagonist. There was one female character in a GTA game, and that was Catalina back in GTA 3, but she was a non-playable character (NPC). It would definitely be a course for a new direction if the developers would indeed pick a female role for the lead protagonist come GTA 6.

A New Location

 All GTA games are set in the United States, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, some players would like to see other locations besides those found in the US. However, do note that the developers of GTA already tried this with some minor titles of the series. There are a couple of minor GTA games that made players explore the streets of London and Alderney. Still, it would be a refreshing change of pace if the next major GTA installment has a location that’s not in the US.

The Introduction of Fuel

If there’s one thing that’s enjoyable in all GTA games, it’s that all vehicles, no matter how large or small, will always have infinite amounts of fuel. Some players won’t like the addition of having a limited supply of fuel for each vehicle, but it would certainly add a new layer of realism to the game. Also, there’d be a slight case of panic when you’re trying to outrun cops with only a few drops of fuel left in your car’s gas tank.

Aside from the items mentioned in this short list, some players would also want to see better vehicle variations, an increased number of side quests and jobs, and a more interactive population. How about you, what do you want to see in GTA 6?

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