What are the Various Gym Equipment

If you have walked into a gym for the first time, you will be overwhelmed to see the different kinds of machines and equipment placed in the gym room. Even if you have seen videos of people using them, when you see them right in right in front of your eyes, it seems crazy. Here are some of the common commercial gym equipment details:

  • Dumbbells- These are the most common gym equipment. Almost every health and fitness freak person has them in the house. They come in various shapes and sizes depending upon your requirement.
  • Weight bars- If you thought these are only used by the bodybuilders, you need to think twice. Your fitness trainer might include fixed weight lifting in your regime to increase strength. It has bars of various weights attached to it.

commercial gym equipment

  • Cable machines- Cable machines are basically used as an assistance exercise to assist you in barbell or dumbbell lifting. They are available in various shapes and sizes. It is basically a cable wire with a handle at its end.
  • Kettlebells- These are the recent fad these days. Kettlebell training helps you to increase your strength. They come in various weights. The name is derived due to its kettle shaped appearance.
  • Swiss balls- The swiss ball increases your body stability. You can do a variety of exercises on the swiss ball. It helps to increase your balance and strengthens your muscles.
  • Dipping bars- Doing dips can be very beneficial to train the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and triceps. These are a set of bars placed in parallel position on stands.
  • Benches- These are also commercial gym equipment in the gym. They are of three types- incline, decline, and flat.

These are the most commonly used equipment in a gym. Apart from these, there are much other equipment and machine used in a gymnasium.

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