VoIP, Right on the Cutting the Edge of Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows its users to make calls using the broadband Internet. It works by converting your voice into packets of data, like little files, and then transmitted to the receiver over the internet and decoded back into your voice at the other end.

To make communication quicker, the packets of data are compressed before transmission. So using VoIP technology is basically using the Internet to make phone calls. This same principle is applied in VoIP use in business.

Paradigm Shift

Businesses have changed the landscape of how they integrate the VoIP system in their daily operations and growth.

  • VoIP use cuts down billings.

The use of VoIP has allowed business to save in telephone bills. There are free long distance calls in VoIP telephones.

  • VoIP affords portability.

All you need to have is access to broadband connection to log in to your VoIP telephone. VoIP systems are also accessible via emails or while you are traveling. With this you can take your IP phone or headset to contact staff or client at a minimal cost.

  • VoIP offers flexibility.

Your VoIP system allows you to use your phone and a VoIP connector or VoIP connector to communicate. With these and a very good internet connection, you can receive calls to your numbers no matter where you are.

  • VoIP allows functionality

Aside from making and receiving phone calls, you can also use VoIP for videoconferencing. Even if you are on a business trip abroad or in an out of town business trip, you can still attend important meetings in the home office even if you are physically present. 

VoIP in Small Businesses

VoIP has features that could help small businesses to grow. These features are the best VoIP can offer to budding businesses:

  • Voicemail to email transcription

This allows transcription of your voicemail messages to text and sends them to a preferred recipient email. You don’t have to do scribbling names, numbers, and addresses. This allows you to file, organize, delete, and search all your voicemails in a convenient way.

  • Data tracking

A cloud-based VoIP service system allows you to monitor data usage over a specific period of time. You can also monitor inbound and outbound call details including rate centers, duration, origin, destination, and cost.

  • Coaching Tools

VoIP allows you to give advice to your employees while they’re talking to customers. In this way, you can provide advice, tips, and information to your employees while they are on the phone without the knowledge of the client.

  • Conferencing

Conferencing is another feature of the VoIP system that can help you run your business. You can easily manage an ongoing conference with features such as muting individuals and recognizing “hand raises”.

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