UC mini browser gives the most enjoyable experience on the android, hence they are largest number of users of UC mini. It has proved to be most efficient for the smaller devices hence very much in demand for smart and featured phone segment. UC mini download is the best in the smallest devices browser section.

The gesturing offers control for significant functions to be performed on your device. The benefit of switching from one tab to another effortlessly make it a must have for any busy person.

Voice commands also are quite a turn on as you could make things happen with just telling out the instructions. UC mini download is the most popular for androids.

Locally it has won many users over and has a good market share in the south Asian region. Having a large number of active users has catapulted it growth rate to newer highs beaten most competitors.

Tips while using UC mini browser

You need not have to organise the downloaded files as they are done for you by the download manger into their respective folders.

You need not have keep checking on your downloading files as they are all done in a jiffy all because of the preloading system that this browser uses with the help of a cache. The browser keeps note of the recurring and half downloaded items or files.

Now you the choice of the default back option to check upon the swiping the screen horizontally. The best part of the browser is that you can customise it your needs like creating a shortcut with the homepage of the browser for the URLs you visit the most.

The integration of several web services that you use along with adding all kinds of themes and mods to your interface. The themes you so fondly use can be extended to the pages to you constantly use giving them a new look and surprisingly different from the original.

The download manger is so efficient that it bookmarks and keeps note of all the add ons which can be installed from the developer’s website and expanse the browsers features.

You must be bugged by the constant pop up ads which can be handled by the ad blocker, QR  code reader, and a helpful tool to customise your screenshots.

Your identity is hidden when browsing hence privacy is the paramount in UC mini. Since it is a small package it will occupy the least space in your device. The user interface is so trendy that it appeals to the public liking.

The use of gestures or voice can be used for interacting, this is the best feature for the disabled and others who can multi task with the help of this browser.

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