Types of treatments for warts at home or by a doctor

Many times warts go on their own even it may take long time also when they go they don’t come back. Here are the many techniques for treating them. However, there are few natural wart removal techniques as well.

  • Acid (liquid or patch): Common warts can be treated with the help of special kind of acid known as salicyclic acid or gel which you can buy in any medical store. This acid does not hurt you much. After applying the acid cover it with help of a bandage or duct tape. Before applying the gel, wash the wart with soap water. Leave it for 24hrs or overnight. This application should be done regularly at night or daytime. With regular usage the warts will peel away.

natural wart removal

  • Freezing: You can also freeze the wart with help of a doctor and you can buy the cold spray which is used for freezing at any medical store. Don’t try to remove the earts with help of ice cubes.
  • Taping: This may work for some people and it may not for others.the tape which we use for our daily needs can be used for removal of warts, but results may be different for everyone.
  • Vitamins: you can also use vitamin C and E for treating them, take a capsule of the vitamin and mix with them some wate and applying the vitamins externally this may remove wart if you have vitamin deficiency in your body that causing the warts.
  • Other treatments: There are many sugeries among them cryotherapy is better; you can also use the medicines like retinoid cream, canthadrin or imiquimod. Other surgeries like electro surgery and curettage and laser treatments also effective for some of them and some may not.

Cost: Home remedies for natural wart removal also gives good results along with the treatments by the doctor.the home remedies costs less.all are less expensive should know the fact that they may hurt you a little bit, so if you can tolerate the pain you can go for home remedies. But ifyour worse became worse then you should immediately consult a doctor for treating them.

Other tips: dont pinch the warts,dont rub them again and again when causes irritation because by pinching and rubbing them makes them even worse and hurt more than the not share your private things with other people that have them.

Boost your immune system for treating and curing them by taking proper nutrition food items and vitamins.

Note: Before  going for any treatment its primary work of an individual to know what type of warts he/she has and what are its amin causes and should consult doctor.mainly genital warts should be treated by the doctor,do not try any home remedies or acids at that area.

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