Translating services at its finest

People that come from other countries and are planning to migrate to the United States needs specific documents for them to enter. And of course, if you are coming to the United States, most of the legal papers need to be in the English language. Now, this can be hard for some because translating is not that easy so they need to find a company or business that does this type of job. but there are questions that may come into mind like what if there are mistakes? Or if they can really be trusted with your files since these are highly important.

Translating services at its finest

Luckily, there is one organization whose aim is to provide exceptional translating services to their customers. This company is called ImmiTranslate and they do certified translations. They are 100% committed to their jobs. With so many years of transcribing different types of documents, they are already called experts. They can even translate what you tell them in their sleep. But kidding aside, ImmiTranslate is renowned around the world for being one of the best translators and you have no reason to doubt them. If you are looking for people that are more than willing to help, then they are your saviours.

Your documents are widely accepted

Because of the fact that ImmiTranslate’s documents are certified, then this means that government agencies will accept it. If you need to submit your files over at the immigration office, they will definitely acknowledge it. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS guarantees that documents translated by ImmiTranslate are being received without a doubt. Not only that but federal and state agencies and courts are also able to accept them. Even the United States Medical Licensing Examination and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates are more than willing to take these legal papers too.


ImmiTranslate sees to it that all of the files given to them are accurate. So the best way to make sure that there are no errors is by having native speakers translate your documents. Yes, they have translators that come from different countries. They don’t use the internet to transcribe, they use real people because they understand your language the most. This is also the reason why they are able to finish their jobs within a day. These people are 100% professional translators that are able to translate more than 30 languages. They also make it a point that everything is correct because they understand how highly important your legal files are.

All for a decent price and Very Eco-friendly

There are some companies that would charge their clients more than the standard pricing. The worst part is, you wouldn’t know because it’s not every day that you have your documents translated. But with ImmiTranslate, you only need to pay $25 per page with a minimum of 250 words. No extra charges and they will email you your translated files for free. They are also paperless which means that they aim to operate without the use of paper but they do send out printed copies if you request it.

ImmiTranslate’s objective is to satisfy their clients. your best interests are always put first and they ensure that their work if up to your standards. Check them out and experience great customer service from the best.

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