This is the Four Painful Mistakes of Online Relationship

For some, going out and meeting new people is quite a challenge. While others are comfortable in speaking with a total stranger, not everyone is born with a gift of gab. This is where digital technology comes in, nowadays various online applications allow single individuals to meet and chat.

With the online dating trend, apprehensive singles can now preview beforehand the profiles of their potential dates. In this way, it will allow you to select your ideal match and pluck those inept mates. While a myriad of people benefits from this trend, take note that you still need to be vigilant in engaging in this activity.

Remember, whether you are an expert or a newbie, avoid the items below to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Arrive Late on the First Date

Although this item should be avoided at all cost and in all situations, arriving late on your first meetup gives off an unpleasant impression. What’s more your date might think you don’t value his/her time or worse you are not showing up at all and he/she might leave.

Allowing Your Date to Pick You Up At Home

For safety reasons, it is better to meet your date at a public place where you can quickly ride a bus, taxi, or even a bicycle. If you have been chatting for some time, and you feel like you know the other person pretty well, still there is a possibility the person you will meet has a different persona with your chatmate.

Besides that, giving your address to a virtual stranger leaves you completely vulnerable if the date doesn’t turn out well. Basically though, in meeting your date in a public place you are averting from inappropriate sexual advances.

Agreeing to Go Home with Your Date

As mentioned earlier, even if you feel the other person is trustworthy, in principle you are still meeting a total stranger. With that said, never agree to go home with the other person on your first date.

In going to the other person’s house, not only are you putting yourself in danger but also you are inviting sexual advances.

Flaunting a Racy Outfit

While it is still best to be yourself and to wear something comfortable, it is still advisable to not show too much skin. Though the traditional setting and online meet ups have similarities, yet you have to remember not everything on the internet is real, it may even include your date.

With numerous online Dating applications easily providing you everything, even your love life, showing too much skin as early as the first date gives off a vibe that you are not to be taken seriously. Having said that, even if it’s scorching hot outside, it is better for guys to keep their shirt on and for girls not to show too much cleavage.

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