Because of the popularity of coffee in the majority of the world’s population, there are tons of different types, brands, and features a coffee maker has and each of it has its own serving purposes which makes it stand out on its own when it comes to uniqueness. Coffee making is not just about mixing your hot water with your ground coffee and make a cup of hot coffee out of it, actually there is more to it that is why there is a profession for it where people can perfect their coffee making craft with the practice of using different techniques and of course using different types of coffee making machines and tools.

Generally, if you are looking for convenience in making coffee, expect a heftier price of your coffee maker since it carries more features that provide more convenience to the user, however, as for the quality of the brewed coffee itself, there will not be an added cost or even makes any difference after all.

If you are not that familiar of the different types of coffee makers, then this article will be best for you because we provided the three simplest types of coffee making machines and learn its unique functions and techniques in making coffee the easiest way. If you are looking for the best espresso machine 2018 click on that link.

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  • Single serve- It is considered as the pioneering type of coffee makers. It is also the most basic type of coffee maker available in the market which a lot of people still use up to this day. Its simplicity in terms of design and overall function makes it very popular among coffee lovers. There is no complicated process of hard to understand instructions in making coffee with it. Single-serve coffee makers always come with its own cups, usually made out of Styrofoam or plastic which are commonly disposable, these kinds of coffeemakers can be found in many public places or diners which always comes in free.
  • Drip brewer- Just like the single serve, the drip brewer is also one of the most common types of coffee makers, you can often see this at your office or even at someone’s home. All you need to do when you brew is just the ground coffee, and a filter paper and a water in its reservoir and this coffee machine can make coffee all day through scheduled brewing. However, drip brewers are known to stock coffee for a long duration of time because it automatically brews coffee on its own and that is considered a disadvantage actually. Just imagine the taste of a cold coffee that was brewed a couple of hours ago and that would be the last thing you want to have to start your day or to get through an entire day running errands.
  • French press- This type of coffee maker is also known as the press pot or the coffee press, it is actually a glass beaker that has a vertical side and comes with a plunger that is applied in its cover along with a filter mesh on it. You can directly put the ground coffee inside the beaker and pour hot water in it and wait for it until it completely brews and pushes down the filter mesh on it to separate the coffee from the granules. Because of its simplicity, the French press is preferred by many coffee lovers around the world, aside from being a non-electric coffee maker, it is also portable and can be cleaned easily. Also, there is a unique and pure coffee taste when using a French press compared to other types of coffee makers.

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