The Emergence and Rise of Green Taxis

Air pollution caused by vehicles on the road has become a major concern today with the increasing number of cars on the road. There are high levels of particulate matter like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and others being emitted which cause various health hazards in humans. To counter this issue various government agencies, people involved in society welfare are continually striving to come out with alternatives that are not harsh on the environment as well as people. One such initiative that is fast catching up the trend is the concept of green taxis. In the hope to curb emissions from vehicles particularly taxis governments across various countries are encouraging taxi owners to switch to environmental friendly vehicles. To promote the program many governments are even providing the drivers with good incentives. Since most of the taxis they run on diesel the particulate emissions are likely to be on the higher side hence these taxis are a big boon.

Rise of Green Taxis

Many automobile companies today are coming out to join the revolution by designing cars that are environmental friendly. These are mostly electronic variants or run on bio diesel hence are kinder to the environment. Therefore many auto giants are promoting these vigorously as it is a win-win situation for all. These are much more cost effective as compared to the cars running on diesel and petrol. Not only is the running cost lower but also the cab fare becomes cheaper as well. Also these kinds of cars give a comfortable ride as they are quiet and do not make much engine noise. There are various other advantages to the green taxis like they have a zero emission feature. This could be a major factor in helping to reduce global warming and many such issues related to pollution.

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