The Effective Way To Pass Urine Test

The urine test is one of the requirements when you apply for a job or some other screenings. This test would tell if there are some recreational or medical substances in your body. Thus, it is important that you pass this to qualify yourself. There are times that you use medical marijuana but, did not expect to do a screen test. If this happens to you, it could be hard to pass the urine test, the substance would show up. Depending on the months you have ingested it, you could set your fears aside. Otherwise, you need to detox yourself the natural way or use some synthetic urine kit. This kit helps you pass the urine test, read the full info here to understand it fully.

What does Synthetic Urine Kit mean?

Synthetic urine kit is actually a fake pee for a drug test. This helps you to pass the test for use in certain applications that demand it. But, some people are using it as a substitute for their urine samples during a drug test. They bring with them the kit during the test, could it be supervised or unsupervised. There are people saying that it is an effective way to pass the test but, with proper usage. So, if you are planning to try the test, here’s how you do it properly:

Synthetic Urine Kit

  • Follow Instructions. The first thing you should be doing is to read the instructions that come with the kit. This is important so that you will know how to use the sub solution for the test and to make it work.
  • Fill The Right Amount of Water. For most cases, you will have the needed kit to make a fake pee. And you need to fill the plastic mixing bottle that comes with your kit with warm water. Follow the right amount of water as well as the needed temperature so that it would qualify for any lab test.
  • Mix The Synthetic Urine Powder. If you already have the needed amount of water then, add the right amount of synthetic urine powder. You need to use the bottle that comes with the kit and screw the top on. Shale it well until to make synthetic urine.
  • Measure the Temperature. Check out your kit and use the supplied temperature strip to test the sample. If the result is 88 °F then, you won’t get a reading and you would pass the test.

The mixture is easy to do for as long as you follow the instructions. Measure the water and the temperature and if you need to make some more, just follow the steps. Add up the heat activated powder to get the right temperature range for up to one third to the mixing bottle. If you need to get the 100 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 38 °C), gently add the powder until you get it right.

How Long it Would Last?

The lifespan of the synthetic urine would depend on the brand. For most cases, the longest-lasting shelf life would last for two years. Others would only guarantee it for a year depending on the product and the manufacturer. If you are storing synthetic urine, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, and at room temperature. The direct sunlight might disrupt pH levels and would change the mixture temperature. There is some synthetic urine kit that you can heat and cool without affecting its contents. But, to make it suitable for use, always follow the instructions that come along with the kit.

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