The Beginners Guide to Baseball Bats

Choosing the right baseball bat is essential for any budding athlete. It may be you or your child who wants to step up to the plate soon. But before you can excitedly run towards the home plate, you need to learn the difference between the various bats on the market.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re going to buy a bat for a little leaguer, you might want to consider getting the cheapest model in the store. A growing child would probably outgrow the use of any baseball bat come next season. Therefore, it’ll most probably just stay inside their room or the garage for the rest of its life (or until you can find another good use for it). With that being said, it’s now time to look at the differences of the various baseball bats on the market.

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Legal Concerns

If this is your first time checking out baseball bats on the market, don’t make the mistake of buying any random model on the market. If the player buys the wrong bat, then chances are you or your child won’t get to use them at all because league rules disallow you to utilize the sports equipment you just purchased. Note that different baseball leagues have varying governing laws, and it should come as 2nd nature for you to check them out before buying any bat.

Measuring the Length

With the right baseball bat length, you’ll have a high chance of hitting the ball. A bat that’s too long can induce imbalance while a short baseball bat might make you miss the baseball even though you already made the perfect swing. To know the right length of the baseball bat you’re getting, start by placing the bottom of the bat in the center of the chest of the player while pointing the item to the side. Place the baseball bat parallel to the outstretched arm. If the player can comfortably touch the top of the bat with their fingertips, then it’s the right length. Next, place the bottom of the bat at the center of the player’s chest while they face outward. If the arm can reach and grab the bat’s barrel, then you have one more reason to get that piece of equipment.

Measuring the Weight

You shouldn’t just measure the weight of the bat as you should also consider its weight. The “Drop Weight” of the bat is determined by subtracting the overall weight of the item from its length. Taller, stronger players tend to favor baseball bats with lower drop weights to dish out more power in their swings. Shorter baseball players, on the other hand, might favor higher drop weights to benefit speed over power.

Choosing the Right Material

Note that there are two main materials when you’re selecting a baseball bat: metal and wood. Both materials have their own sets of positives and negatives, and it’s a good idea to learn what’s legal to use in league tournaments before buying the bat.

Tackle the process of selecting a baseball bat like you would do when you’re choosing an NBA 2k18 locker. Make a mistake, and you’ll either get in trouble or you won’t get to play your absolute best.

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