Tests carried out for infidelity by lie detectors-reasons to perform it

Infidelity tests are that kind which comes into play when there is an issue that has become sensitive in the relationship especially to test for faithfulness of the spouse in matters of sexual relations. Such a kind of test is named as Infidelity Polygraph Test. These relationship lie detector tests are conducted with the crucial questions that interpret different kind of words in various ways that makes the test successful. The questions for an infidelity test are typical and go with certain rules. The examiners who conduct these tests follow a textbook which contains special question patterns and exam types and performs the polygraph lie detector test accordingly.

The Tests carried out for infidelity by lie detectors are certainly executed with special polygraph service persons who professionally perform the examination on the person who is suspected and keep the particulars of the exam confidential and private under the strict standards and amendment policy of the country.

Internet activity infidelity test – A knowhow

It’s not only to check about the physical contact relations, but a polygraph lie detection test also brings out the issues the person dealt with “sexual activities” over the internet, chat rooms, having cyber sex with the people who is not a partner.

More over the infidelity polygraph test also determines the information about illegal sexual relations, engaging in sexual activity, use of prostitute services, carrying a secret dating, getting engage in pornography, etc.

It is also important to know about the type of questions that are used to conduct the test which are to be followed as per the rules. Relationship polygraph lie detector test needs a properly designed questionnaire to perform the test. And the rules for this test are as follows:

  1. The questions are to be answered with a single word “No”. Any narrations are not encouraged.
  2. The accuracy of the exam depends on the number of questions asked. The more questions you ask, the less accurate the results of the exam are. To test about a particular issue a maximum number of questions that can be asked is 3 or 4. Other than this, the accuracy affects badly.
  3. Use of certain words is restricted and in some cases there is a need to get a permission for the use of particular words.
  4. Questions with lengthy manner are not encouraged. It should take minimum seconds to complete a question.
  5. Use of hypothetical questions are not permitted
  6. Exam should not impose questions about feelings.
  7. Questions should be simple and clear. No obligations are to be involved.

Based on the purpose and need, the process of infidelity polygraph test are conducted by maintaining the standards and rules as defined above.

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