When you think of crusaders fighting to save the environment, you’re probably thinking of the likes of Al Gore or even Leonardo DiCaprio. They both released their own documentaries with the Earth as the topic and they both frequently talk about the issue. Both these cultural icons have the money and influence to create authentic change. So, as a result, a lot of people leave the job to them and others alike.

When you don’t have the influence of a Hollywood actor or a former United States Vice-President, it can seem that whatever you do, your efforts to help the environment will just be futile. Caring for the world doesn’t need that though. The declining health of the world affects everyone and that alone is enough reason to do your part. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to minimize the causes of air pollution.

Save Energy

One way to effectively help the environment and minimize air pollution is to lessen your electricity use. Turning off the lights when not needed or switching off fans on a cool day are great ways to do your part. The more energy you use the more fossil fuel is burned to be able to keep up with the electricity demand. There are states and countries that produce clean electricity but unfortunately, it’s not present everywhere just yet. So, while clean technology catches up with the rest of the world, you can start by lessening your electricity use at home or at work.

Ride with a Friend

Another way to save the Earth and have fun along the process is to carpool more. You probably haven’t carpooled since you were in grade school but it was actually a great way to minimize the gas your burn from the motor vehicles. Organize a schedule with one or two friends so you can still take the car but now it’s with your buddies. Another benefit is you get to save money. Cutting back on your gas consumption only means getting savings from this technique.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The 3 environmental R’s come in handy when you’re trying to help the Earth. Throwing your trash properly and recycling may not seem like it has any connection with the air but it does. The more trash we throw in the landfills, the more methane builds up. So, the next time you throw out something, try and think about how to reuse it again.

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