The windshield of the car is   usually made of two glasses which are separated with PVB layer and this hold the two glasses together.  The main benefit with this is that after any crash, the outside objects do not get into the car. This layer will also help in blocking the harmful UV rays.

Repair is cheaper than replacing

When it comes to the windshield damage, there is always a question if to repair it or get it replaced. Generally the damages windshields will have to be replaced. But it can be really expensive to replace them, so windshield repair has become common. Now a day’s many insurance companies are also giving option, to get the windshield repaired, instead of replacing it. If a crack is smaller than six inches, then it can be repaired, else it have to be replaced. Repairing the windshield is better because it has the original and factory installed windshield.

Original windshields are different from the marketed once

Few things which one can consider are cost. The repair of the windshield will cost less and replacing is really expensive. The original windshield will have all in information on the glass about who manufactured and other necessary information. The windshields will have transportation code on then and will also have the safety standards on it. The drive away time when a windshield is replaces is one hour, but it takes nearly a day for the adhesive to dry, so in some cases, the windshield can pop off and can be dangerous. Cracks, scratches and chips can occur on the windshield due to rocks or debris. Chips can lead to cracks of the windshield when they are not repaired for long time. There is difference between the scratches and cracks on the glass. The original windshields are different from those are marketed after. They can differ in the tolerance, thickness as well as the shape of the glass. Original windshields are designed in such a way that they can withstand the stress in extreme conditions. After any chip is seen on the windshield if immediate repair is not possible they can use packing tape to cover the chip and prevent it from debris and cracks.

Replacing or repairing of the windshield must be done immediately as it can be dangerous to travel with the damage.  If the crack is large and repair cannot be done, it’s better to replace the windshield. But if the chip or crack can be repaired easily, it’s better to go with the repair of the windshield as it will cost less and can be done quickly.  Any crack big or small needs attention and it will help a great deal if looked into early.

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