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Why should you know about the planet you live on? Should you know that there are certain aspects about which we don’t know of? This may include the fact that some vertebrates are continuously on decline. Every step we take may invite trouble for the multiple generations which are about to come. Is there any way out to tell you what it should be like living here on earth?

Here is a Planet Quiz that you should have a sound understanding of and there are two types of these quizzes which are available and are as follows:

  • MINI quiz
  • MEGA quiz

On these quizzes, you can play up to several levels and on numerous topics which includes land degradation, aerosol pollution, loss of biodiversity and ocean acidification and other news which are related with environment.

What is the use of playing these quizzes?

When you are playing up with these games, you can go for the topics such as save the world and to tell you the fact, you may actually save your planet from drowning. In the coming times, there are many things including the ocean acidification which has been increasingly playing havoc on our living environment as well.

There are some burning issues in the world which have garnered attention from the worldwide media and activists around the world. As they say, the upcoming generation holds the key to a greener future so they need to be educated in a more pragmatic manner. There are some interesting ways out to reveal better future prospects and quizzes help you do that.

This is a goal to move ahead

When it comes to the environmental issues, numerous scientific advancements have been carried out but to their utter disregard, despite of their advancements, you can watch out for their disadvantages as well. Therefore, try out these eco questions to enhance your knowledge about the platforms which can provide you with all sort of information that you seek for.

Types and duration of these quizzes

As we said, there are two types of quiz which are of the following types:

  • MEGA quiz
  • MINI quiz

The duration of mega quiz is a bit longer and lasts up to 30 minutes and the numbers of questions are 60.

MINI quiz

For a maximum duration, this type of the quiz can be out for a continuous duration of 19 minutes and there are around 20 questions which you will have to answer.

The above information is promising enough and lets you avail the benefits of playing the game in a more enjoyable manner.

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