Portable Potty Training – Tips and Aids to Make It Easier

Potty training is not as easy it may seem to be as there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. But one should not stress a lot into it as life goes on and your child will learn eventually. The first priority is to introduce him to the potty and this can be done between 18 to 24 months. Talk about it occasionally to raise interest and awareness about the concept. Next look for signs that show your child is ready like feels uncomfortable in the dirty diapers or shows interest in using the loo.

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When you see these signs it’s time to buy the necessary equipment porta potty for him. There are two types of equipments that are available like a chair and a potty seat. Both serve the same purpose but under different circumstances. A chair is used by placing it directly on the floor and seat is placed on the adult toilet seat to make it comfortable for the toddler. Using the later is always an advantage as the toddler gets accustomed to using the adult seat very fast. Also cleaning the waste is much simpler as you can just flush it out. Ensure that you opt for a seat that has a handle to provide the required stability.

Once you are ready with the porta potty equipment choose the right time and maintain a schedule for about a month so that the child’s system gets trained. Insist on it even if he does not have the desire to go. If you are on an outdoor always carry the portable chair along with you so as to not disturb his time schedule. Last but not the least the training session is not complete without teaching them proper hygiene. Teach them the importance of keeping clean, flushing the toilet after use and washing hands.

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