Personal Trainer – aspects to scrutinize

In the last century, the lifestyle of humans in particular (imagine the reference to context that is required to put things in perspective) was pretty much in a steady state and controlled. Although the possibility of a direct comparison is pretty arcane, one cannot help but wonder how things have changed in the last decade and a-little-more-than-a-half. The alacrity with which we have welcomed and adapted to the ever changing, hectic and dynamic lifestyles is commendable. Like they say, every coin has two sides, every effect has two faces, in the same manner, changes of any sort also carry with them, two sides. Where we on one hand have adapted to life with open arms, we have been negligent about a basic element responsible for “Our” smooth functioning, Our Body. The human mind is a strange phenomenon, it is quick to search and implement alternatives to a variety of things in life. Thus, personal training and trainers became an integral part of the horizon and in pretty quick time, an inseparable part to the extent that the range now goes to the extent of the availability of a free personal trainer.

The Ins and outs when choosing a personal trainer

Personal training actually is a pretty neat thing and has gained a solid ground pretty rapidly. As more and more individuals are starting to opt for personal training, it is always advisable to consider the available option really thoroughly before you start utilizing it. This is especially so in case you feel the need of a personal trainer. The reason being that you are practically handing over the development of your physical self which would both happen over a period of time and in all senses, would be visible for a long time.  Hence, you have to be absolutely sure that you are on the right track. It is always advisable to have a few pointers before you jump in, there are a lot of websites that claim of providing a free personal trainer, It should be validated before enrolling. Other factors that need to be evaluated would be:

  • Authenticity and valid credential of the Trainer: Should possess the required both on paper as well as hands on experience and knowledge.
  • Attitude – Apart from the certification part, this is perhaps the second factor that carries the maximum weightage, it is always advisable to have a trainer who carries a positive attitude and reinforces the same on the trainee as well. A trainer with a negative mindset is a strict No-No.

Some more Things to ensure

Attitude and Credentials apart, the other things that make a ton of difference are whether your trainer’s motto and your end goals are in sync or not, the progress is being tracked and evaluated on a periodic basis or not, and whether the availability also is in sync, on a steady, consistent basis aligned with your schedule or not. Although these factors are not a thumb rule, and serve more as guidelines, they sure do have a lot of effect on the outcome as this is not a short term factor but a long term partnership in the making of a better you.

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