One big happy family in Mario Bros

It’s a man with a mustache. He has workers hat and blue pants. White gloves and big eyes. You know that guy. That’s a Mario. This little plumber doesn’t have the last name. Yup, that’s right, he is just Mario. But what about his Bros? Here they come.

Brother from another mother

That’s his little twin brother. He has green clothes and last name. “Wait for a second, you sad he has the last name?” That’s right, everything is the same except last name. This guy has one. It is Luigi Mario.

Precious Miss Daisy 

The love is in the air in the Mushroom Kingdom. Ever since 1989, she’s been around in most of the titles. Princess Peach is always trapped by an evil lord of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Toad and Toadette

Toad is one big mushroom with a human face. It may be sound weird, but he is. The Japanese have a special name for him. They call him Kinopio. Toadette is a female character. She made an appearance in some titles. You can unlock her in Party ten.

Birdo or Catherine

The Japanese call her Catherine, we call her Birdo. You can call her whatever you like. She wears a red bow and fire eggs from her mouth. She made her first appearance in the Super Mario Bros 2.

My name is Diddy, Diddy Kong

He is Donkey Kong’s best friend. He is an extension of Donkey Kong. As Mario’s sworn enemy, he remains one of the most important characters from mario bros in this franchise.

More enemies?

Bowser and Waluigi are part of the show. There are enemies like Anatasma, Bowser Jr., Fawful. Anatasma is a villain that likes Dark Stone. Bowser is a kidnapper, he made his first appearance in the original game. His son is Bowser Jr. Fawful is an insane character. He is a super villain and he appears as a sidekick.


That little evil wizard. Yoshi is not so thrilled with his presence. Self-duplication, teleportation, shooting magical blasts, are some of the spells he owns.

 Kammy Koopa

Kammy Koopa is older Magikoopa. Kammy Koopa is a female character and appears in the Paper Mario games. Koopa kid

He is related to Kammy Koopa. He appears in the Mario Party series. He is available in the Mario Party 5 and 6.

Petey Piranha 

Famous Piranha Plant is a product of mutation. He grows from plants and he has made his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine.


Waluigi is a same looking character as Mario Brothers. He appears in the games like Mario Cart. He uses hypnosis as his weapon.

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