Bargain seekers in India have always been spoilt for choice due to the sheer volume of so called flea markets. But certain cities come to mind the second someone mentions budget shopping. One of the most prominent among these is Mumbai!

The financial capital of India is also a shoppers dream come true. The markets in Mumbai are in fact a financial backbone for several small businesses in India, who purchase goods in bulk from Mumbai. Textile merchants from all over India depend on the several markets in Mumbai for good quality fabrics and garments at reasonable prices. One such market that has attained legendary status among shoppers is Colaba Causeway. Handicrafts, jewelry, spices, books and myriad other items are sold by the thousand every day. How much you end up spending at Colaba depends on how well you bargain! Also several popular Mumbai hangout spots such as Café Leopold and Café Mondegar are situated very close by, giving shoppers respite from the heat, and a chance to relax.

If a taste of Mumbai’s history is what you seek, then Chor Bazaar is the place to be. Situated at the very heart of Muslim Mumbai, Chor Bazaar has seen the same level of activity for 150 years. The name was initially a British mispronunciation of Shor Bazaar, or “Noisy Market”. But eventually, the bazaar gained a reputation as a hotbed for the trade of stolen goods, and the name stuck. The most sought after items at Chor Bazaar are antiques and vintage items. Bronze items, handicrafts and other decorative items also see a booming trade.

Fashion Street, as the name suggests sees several thousand people visit it every day. The market mainly caters to college students and young professionals who seek out fake branded apparel and accessories at much discounted prices. Footwear, belts and western clothes are the most in demand items at Fashion Street, and it has been the go- to place for fashionable Mumbaikars for decades!

There will never be a dearth in India for budget shopping destinations. The average Indian consumer has kept faith in these institutions even with the advent of online shopping. There is a romance to striking your own deal which these apps can never replicate!

Happy shopping!

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