Moving towards Online Examinations

Get to know about online Exams

Examinations are often conducted to test the abilities of student. They measure the knowledge and skills of a person. Basically an exam involves a question and the answer given to it by using papers, pen etc.But due to the fast growth of technology and time management, exams are now conducted online. Online refers to have an internet connection and be active on it. An exam generally makes all the students to get into a room and take the test, but with the system of online exam students can take the test just by sitting anywhere having a computer with internet connection. This makes the things easier and reduces time involved.

Working of online exam system:

Wonder how the online exam work, let’s have a look. All you need for online exam is a good working PC with high speed internet to avoid network troubles. There are online test generating software where the examiner can prepare question in it and makes changes accordingly. Many companies provide the software of online examinations. Try to get the best user friendly software which is simple and easy to use. Multiple choices fill in the blanks or short answers can be added in the software by the user. The exam creator will also be set the time and date of the test for the whole exam or for a particular question. The participants or the students can get access to the online exam if they prove their identity by giving their roll numbers. The examiner is able to get the scores of the participants individually or by groups according to his choice.

Advantage of Online Examination:

  • It is cost efficient as it saves the paper and also reduces time of travelling and correction of the results.
  • Exam can be set up anywhere with only a computer and internet connection where no risk is involved.
  • It saves the time and money for both the examiner and student by cutting down on paper, money etc.
  • More secured and confidentiality is maintained with the secure passwords by the creator.
  • It serves even best for the students residing in remote villages.

Thus when getting more advantages with the online lets all vote for it.


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