Travel means different things to different people, for some it means travelling for business, for some people it means travelling to meet family members and relatives and for some crazy and interesting people it means adventure. Why people travel depends on a lot of reasons which can be analyze by what people do and what are their occupation or profession. There are many people who travel on business, travel for adventure and some people also travel for pleasure. Travelling helps in developing the characteristic of the person and may him or her aware of the different situations and places. Travelling leads to unravels the beauties of the world that most of the people are unfamiliar with. When people travel they can discover and find new, interesting and beautiful places and they also get to know about the different important cultures that they were not aware of.


There are many people who love to travel so that they can do all those incredibly and adventurous things. It’s a great and new experience. People travel because their life is full of discovering and experiences. The more they will travel the more experience they will get. While travelling people is will discover the new things, they will meet different people of the different culture and state, you can see their way of living etc. Travelling is easy which will help you to open your eyes and make you aware of your strength and weakness; it will help you to learn and discover yourself and let you know who you are, it helps in building new and healthy relationship between the peoples, it helps in developing the skills of the people that they must be not aware of, etc.

Travelling teaches you a different way of living and helps you to make some great memories. When you will turn 70 or 80 years old, you can talk about your travelling experience with your family, your grand children, show them the photographs, etc. It opens up your way of thinking and come to know about the geography features of the different states. Another importance of travelling is that it has the advantage and potential to improve your health. Doctors also advice people to visit different places such as Darjelling, Nanital, Ooty and other hilly station to change their living atmosphere which can have a great effect on their health and can improve it.

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