Learn the method of Apex Legends free download

A lot of teenagers have been bragging about this very particular game known as ‘Apex Legends’. This game is being downloaded at a very fast pace in many devices. So what is this game about? It is a free-to-play and battle royale game. It was developed by the gaming company Respawn Entertainment while the publication was under Electronic Arts. The launch was on February 4th, 2019; yes, very recently. Currently, its compatibility is set to PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

What is it about this game?

This game is set in the time of Titanfall. This time is the same as of the other games developed by Respawn Entertainment – Titanfall 2014, and Titanfall 2 2016. This company had also previously launched the Fortnite Battle Royale game which is still No.1 in the market after PUBG. But, Apex Legends is more of an inspiration from Destiny and Bungie’s Halo while the content of narration is like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige.

The gameplay surrounds the story 30 years later the events taking place in Titanfall 2. There are Legends and pre-defined heroes who have abilities such as defense, recon, offense, and support. A group of 3 squad members is created that has to follow the game’s map. The scoring is about the use of weapons, different, and ammunition. When a player dies, the equipment and other devices it had is left for loot for other players. There is a voice-chat function for communication during gameplay. Players can talk and chat at the same time they are playing. It is a shooting game, so the squad with maximum kills survives and wins the game.

Apex Legends free download

It sounds interesting. So how do you go for apex legends free download?

Step 1: Go to this site ‘Install game’.

Step 2: Search for ‘Apex Legends’.

Step 3: Click on the ‘download’ button.

Step 4: Another window will open or there will be an extension of a page after loading and it will show ‘click over here now’. Click it.

Step 5: The downloader will be installed on your personal computer.

Step 6: Open the folder in ‘downloads’.

Step 7: Run ‘.exe.’ and press start.

Step 8: Installation will start and you would need to follow the instructions one by one that will be showed.

Step 9: After the installation is finished, activate the game.

Step10: The game will start after installation.

So, it is simple to install this game. But the most important thing is having the minimum requirements in your PC for the download. Such as – Windows 7, 64 bit, 30 GB disk space, RAM of 6 GB, Intel Core i3, 3.8 GHz – 4.2 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics or Radeon HD 7700 graphics etc. Without these minimum features, the game won’t work. Even if the game installs, it will lag in a great amount. The whole process of download is free which makes it even easier. But you definitely need to have a good internet connection with a good data plan. These games come with a package of large space. Whatever the cost, this game will blow your mind!

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