Keychain Pepper Spray: Best Self Defense Tool For Women’s

Every day over news channels or newspapers and on social media, we keep on hearing about females being harassed or victimized.

Most of the females don’t even find learning self defense necessary after all they have brother, a farther or a husband who’s going to defend them when needed, right?

Pepper spray’s formula

But think about the time when you are all alone walking down to a passageway and suddenly someone attacks you from the back? What if salesperson appeared on your door and comes inside forcefully?

Actually we don’t think about these kinds of stuffs enough as we that every person is unconditionally nice and won’t do anything to hurt us.

But the truth is that life is not a fairytale for women where every time a princesses gets saved by a prince charming. In reality, we are living in world where we need to become our own prince in order to save ourselves from danger situations.

Top three reasons to learn self defense

  • By learning some self defense techniques you can save yourself and your family as well
  • Self defense is good for building confidence
  • With the help of self defense a women can learn some discipline which will help in transforming every bad habits

Keychain pepper spray: The best tool for women

Keychain pepper spray is the best self defense tool that can be used by women for protecting herself from attacker.

Pepper spray’s formula contains aerosol which can irritate eyes, cause pain and even blindness for a short period of time. Cayenne pepper is used in making a pepper spray that is said to be the hottest peppers across the world. The active ingredient is known as oleoresin capsicum or OC which appears to have reddish orange color.

The design of a keychain pepper spray is way to compact, easy and convenient for carrying. You only need to attach it in your keychain and it’s ready to be used and carrying around everywhere. This pepper spray comes with clip in belt that can be easily attached to walkers, joggers or runners.

These keychain pepper spray is available on online e-commerce sites at a very affordable rate.

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