No website advocates the importance of typing like Dance Mat. To those who are unfamiliar, this is a site that helps young kids learn the importance of typing. Aside from that, they provide a series of tests and exercises to help anyone masters their way with the keyboard. Who says learning to type needs to be boring?

You might be thinking that your kid’s school already has a computer or typing class. But, it will only benefit your child if they supplement their learning with something fun and engaging. It won’t even seem like learning when they start the typing games.

Level-Up Your Learning

People only learn when they increase their capacity little by little. In Dance Mat, the learning is done in 12 stages that get just a bit harder every time. Like dance mat typing level 3 is going to be slightly more challenging than the previous stage. This ensures your child is challenged but doesn’t feel too overwhelmed. Right from the start, they’ll also be able to learn how to spread their fingers and maximize their typing capability. Beginners usually exhibit the dual finger method of typing with just two fingers. This slows down your speed. But, with a few exercises, they’ll be able to familiarize themselves with using all 10 fingers.

Learning the Keyboard Alphabet

When it’s your first time to use a keyboard. You’ll probably ask why the letters are arranged in such a way. You’d expect it to be ordered alphabetically. Either way, this unique arrangement of letters still needs to be memorized. The website offers fun games to do this. Memorizing doesn’t need to be a source of headaches and fatigue. But, with the right method, it can be just as fun to learn as playing a game.

Try the Typing Apps

If your kid is having a blast then why not extend their learning to fun apps found on tablets. At this day and age, it’s not surprising to find kids already using iPads. So, introduce a new topic on a familiar object. Their attention spans might be short so it’s also best to change things up every now and then.

Learning to type doesn’t have to be as boring and difficult as it seems. With so many fun learning options available, your kid will be able to find the perfect game for them. It just needs a bit of good research.

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