Important Things to Check before Starting a Voyage

If you have a scheduled boating, what do you usually prepare for the trip? Well, aside from the munchies and booze, there are more important things that you must not miss out on. To achieve a better outcome, the inside of that vessel must be packed with safety equipment first. That’s the first rule and it must never be ignored by any chance.

No matter how busy you are in taking good care of other details, you must not forget preparing the important ones. Important items should be composed of safety equipment. In whatever situation you’re in, you must be safe on a boat with proper equipment. Look at the notes below to make your journey smooth and everyone on board safe.

  • Examine the fire extinguishers

Why would you invest an effort on checking the fire extinguishers if you’re sailing in the body of water? Of course, you’re safe from the fire because you’re sailing. But, there are instances when some mechanical failures would end up in a fire. To minimize the chances of getting caught up in a huge fire scenario, you should always check the fire extinguisher’s condition.

  • Inspect the flares

Flares may not seem the most important equipment to examine but it surely does a huge part in securing passenger’s safety. Flares are used only when things come to worst. For instance, if the engine fails miserably during the sail, a flare will be of use. How? Well, you can signal other sailors near you especially if the communication devices are of no use. Check the flares and identify if all is still in good condition. If it’s the opposite of good then you better get a new one.

  • Check the life jacket cabin

Implement a head count. See if the life jacket available in the boat is sufficient for everyone listed in the sail. Also, try to identify if any life vest no longer possesses the right materials to carry the weight of a user. Locate and see if the cabin where the vest is stored is clean. Take note, a dirty cabin may be a warning that you should replace the vest with a new set.

  • Replace batteries in all gadgets

Check the extra flashlight and portable radio inside the vessel. If the gadget wasn’t used for a long period of time, you need to replace it with a new one. Yes, it still works fine but you will never know if the battery is about to be drained after a few hours of sailing. Thus, a quick run-through and replacement are necessary.

  • Examine the navigation lights

Before leading the group, you need to make sure that each navigation light is working. Do not begin the sail if you see something that is suspicious in the boat. A few technical errors may lead to permanent problems in the long run. To be safe, you better be mindful on the technicalities before getting into the real deal.

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