How to SIT When Meditating

While meditating, one of the most important thing that we should learn is how to sit properly. Remember that we will be in this position for a very long time. Keeping our body relaxed and our mind focused can be very challenging when we start to get uncomfortable. We will start squirming in our seat and our minds will start to wander.

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            One thing that can affect your sitting position would be your cushion or your pillow. Make sure that you find the best meditation cushion to make sure that your body is in the correct posture while not sacrificing our comfort. This can be a great factor later on as we go along.

Learning How To Sit

  • Keep your Back Straight. Always make sure that you are keeping your back erect when sitting. Whether you use a chair, of a meditation pillow, keep your posture upright. This will help you stay alert, and will allow you to concentrate on your breath easily.
  • Your Eyes can Be Closed or Open. The goal of meditation is to work out your attention muscles. Concentration can be both ways; either with eyes closed or open. Some people would be able to concentrate more with eyes open. But this can be a challenge for those whose minds wander all the time.
  • Leave Your Hands Alone. Don’t worry about your hands. Some people like to circle their thumb and another finger. However, whatever the position of your hand is, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure that it’s rested comfortably.
  • Cross Your Legs. There’s really no pattern on how to cross your legs. You can do it however you like. Just remember that you will be using meditation to strengthen your attention muscle. So it is best to keep a simple cross-legged pose.
  • Look Slightly Downward. Even if your eyes are closed, looking slightly downward will open your chest. This is why it is important when you find a place where you will be comfortable to keep your body upright while opening your chest at the same time.

When sitting during a meditation, it is important to find the best position that you are most comfortable with and will keep your body upright. The guidelines above are the most recommended to make your meditation session a success. The most comfortable meditation position will provide you with a little alertness. Just try different places. Experiment until you find the perfect match for you.

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