How does dr brown bottle help?

Feeding the baby is the most important responsibility of the mother and every mother experience the feel good to feed her baby. Though the breast feeding is best for the baby, because of many reasons, the mothers are forced to depend on the feeding bottles to feed their baby. In earlier days feeding bottles are made with the glass. As these were heavy and breakage chances are high, it was replaced with plastic bottles which is light and shatter-proof. A number of brands have evolved in the feeding bottles and each has one or many disadvantages. Mothers were in confusion to choose the right feeding bottle. dr brown is the famous brand and trusted by mothers.

At the manufacturer, a number of doctors and researchers made research on the feeding bottles and came with a 100% safe and unique featured bottles to mothers to feed their babies. Still researchers are trying to develop a product to satisfy the mothers in giving the good health to their babies. dr brown feeding bottles was designed by a doctor in 1996 and was patented in 1997. It has many unique features regarding the safety of the baby is concerned when compared with other feeding bottles. The uniqueness of this feeding bottles made the best by most mothers.

dr brown

It is different from other feeding bottles in many ways to help and improve the baby’s health which are given below

  • It is BPA free and also free from PVC, lead and phthalates. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical similar to estrogen used in producing reusable plastic products like baby feeding bottles, toddler Sippy cups etc. Studies was found that the chemicals with estrogenic activity shows adverse health effects on the humans especially the infants. Some of the effects are early menarche, altered functions in reproductive organs, low sperm count, increase in chances of cancer, obesity etc. as these bottles are free from BPA, it is safe for the infant’s health.
  • The bottles is specifically designed with vent system, which is not seen in other feeding bottles.
  • It helps in baby giving a vacuum free feeding in other words babies fed with a positive pressure flow which is similar to breastfeeding.
  • When the baby is fed, air is channeled from the nipple collar to the bottle through the vent system, because of which there won’t be oxidation of the milk which may be mother’s or formula one.
  • Studies have also shown that these bottle helps in retaining the nutrients like vitamin C, A and E which are essential for the baby’s growth.

Thus these bottles are helpful for mothers in giving a good health to their babies.

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