How Detox Cleanse For Drug Test Scheduled On Short Notice

If you are looking to pass a drug test scheduled on short notice, you should first understand that the technology used for testing today is advanced to a point that trying to fake results by adding items like salt in your urine no longer works. Therefore, you need a better way of cleansing your system to ensure when the test is eventually conducted, your results don’t reveal that you have been taking any drugs in the recent past. To detox cleanse for drug test, you should embrace measures that will obfuscate or eliminate traces of the drug from your body. Here are tips you could use to help you pass a drug test despite having a history of taking drugs.

Never dilute or mask sample 

As a first step, you should not interfere with the mask sample because urine analyzers can easily detect test-masking chemicals. Many of the household substances you could be thinking about, including vinegar and salt, will interfere with your urine’s pH, and this will tell the examiners that you definitely tampered with the sample, which leads to an automatic rejection. Also watch out for rumors like drinking bleach could help purify your urine because what this could do is corrode your mouth and probably leave your stomach at a critical condition.

Take a lot of water

If you are a heavy user of drugs, this might not essentially work, but it is also ideal to try it out to help you reduce the concentration as you also use other methods to cleanse your body. No other agent helps cleanse your system like water does, so taking a lot of it days before submitting the sample could help you. If your urine looks clear during the day you are supposed to submit the sample, it is advisable to take vitamin B pills to make it look yellow. If too clear, evaluators of the test could get suspicious of the authenticity of your sample.

Urinate a lot before the test

Obviously, to achieve this you will need to take a lot of liquids, so the tip explained above should be taken seriously. Urinating helps pump out drug metabolites, which build up every day while sleeping. If your fluid output is low, you could take a diuretic to stimulate urination. Some of the diuretics you could use include coffee, cranberry juice and tea, and you could also use stronger diuretics like furosemide, but only by prescription.

Detox drinks 

The other option you have to detox cleanse for drug test is taking detox drinks, which work swiftly to cleanse your system before taking a test. For example, if a test is scheduled to be done in a period of about 24 hours, this could be your best choice if you are looking to mask THC in your urine. However, the only downside of detox drinks is that they are only effective for five hours, so you might need to use it only few hours before the tests are conducted. Marijuana can be traced even if you took the drug more than three months prior to the examination, and flushing it completely off your body is a complex duty you are not likely to complete within a day or week. This is why you should first use a detox drink to mask the presence of THC in your body.

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