Online movie sites holds a lot of promise and more often times delivers it to its avid patronizers because of its convenience and the ability to showcase movies that are high-quality and free streaming whenever, wherever through the internet.

However, just like all good things, it has also its own downside that needs to be taken into consideration but you don’t have to worry a single thing, it won’t affect your overall description and expectation of online movie sites that provides you to watch movies online free.

watch movies online free

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of watching online movies for free so that you will learn on how to take advantage of the things it features and also avoid the things that might ruin your overall experience in watching your favorite movies online.


The pros of watching online movies are of course it is free of charge. You are not required to pay a single penny. All you need is a smartphone or a handheld device or a laptop computer that is hooked up to the internet or data connection in order for you to stream your favorite movie.

Another pro of online movie site is that it has a wide array and tons of movies from all genres from classics to the latest blockbusters. It also includes television shows mostly are complete with all of its seasons, sports shows and documentaries that can be watched with just a click away.

Also online movie sites can be personalized with your reference and movie taste. You can freely choose movies and shows you want to watch at your most convenient time just by tagging it to your favorite list if you are registered to an online movie site or bookmark the link if you’re availing for a free streaming.

Most online movie sites provide you recommended films and television shows based on your reference and the movies that you have watched previously.

Unlike television where you have to wait for the replay of the movie and the show you want to watch again, online movie sites can instantly play back your favorite movie or television show no matter how many times you want to repeat watching it.

Subscription rates are also very affordable compared to hooking up to cable and satellite services.


Despite its convenience, online movie sites cannot maintain its content; it will be deleting the movie contents from time to time so it’s better to download it before it will be deleted by the site’s administrator.

Also, you cannot watch movies if you don’t have any internet connection such as WiFi and data connection. You should always get hooked up to these kinds of connections in order for you to stream your favorite movies and shows. It’s not just about internet connectivity; it needs enough Megabytes per Second (MBPS) in order for you to fully stream the movie and to prevent any buffering while watching it. If you have slow internet connectivity, it is highly advisable to upgrade your plan from your internet service provider.

Some online movie sites give its subscribers a data cap where they can only stream limited number of movies and shows but can be renewed on a monthly basis depending on what subscription package its client availed.

Also, there are instances that your smartphone or laptop computer has compatibility issues like the Flash Player update which is a common problem encountered by movie streamers so it is better to update it regularly and make sure all the necessary drivers and updates are already installed to the smartphone or laptop computer to keep your movie streaming continuous and free from hassle.

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