GTA 5 Motor Wars: Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

If you thought that there’s already enough blood, carnage, bling, and craziness in Grand Theft Auto 5, developer Rockstar Games thought that this wasn’t enough so they introduced Motor Wars. This mode is rife with craziness; think of it as Battle Royale, but you’re going to prioritize taking over weapons and vehicles to always get the upper hand on your opponents.

However, the mode isn’t chaotic from start to end as there are some rules that you still have to follow. For instance, each player starts at the same helicopter but everyone will jump down at the same time. Once you’ve landed, scavenge whatever weapon or vehicle you can find because players are coming to get you for blood and money.

Learn to Land

Many players of GTA 5’s Motor Wars think that the start of the game will usually begin when everyone lands on the ground. However, it starts once the players jump off of the helicopter. After jumping off of the airborne vehicle, you can steer and maneuver your parachute so you can land where you think has the most number of weapons and vehicles. Seek out dense areas of the map such as groups of houses clumped together. In doing so, you’ll have a better chance of getting powerful weapons and vehicles right off the bat.

You Don’t Always Have to be in a Vehicle

Even though being in a car or any other type of vehicle in Motor Wars will clearly put you in an advantageous position, sometimes you don’t always have to get in one. Whenever a player is in a vehicle, they’ll automatically show on the minimap as a colored automobile. It can mean two things: (1) you’re warning other players that you’re out to get them, or (2) you now have a target on your back. If you’re out of a vehicle, then it becomes difficult for other players to detect you. Use this strategy to your advantage, and you can even pull off some surprise attacks.

Other Tips and Tricks for GTA 5 Online’s Motor Wars

 Before we end this post, here are some more tips that you might want to enjoy when playing the game’s Motor Wars. First, know that the faster you land, the more chances you’ll get at getting your hands on better gear and automobiles. Some vehicles can let you attach multiple weapons on it. If you’re going to attach a turret on the vehicle of your choice, call a teammate to operate the weapon because otherwise, it’ll be useless.

With all that’s said and done, what’s your favorite way of playing Grand Theft Auto Motor Wars?

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