Get a card reader and upgrade your business to the latest

If technology has made the life of people much easier than before, why should you be the only one lagging behind? Not updating your business and the technology used can build a negative impression on the brand name within no time. It leads to customers questioning the standard of your products and services which they will replace with of a store that is modern and that looks updated.

Card payment and online transactions have kicked out much of the traditional payment modes like those through cash. Customers don’t want to carry around significant amount of cash with them which they feel are messy and unsafe. Furthermore, they don’t want to go every now and then to ATMs and banks to withdraw cash.

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There are many different ways of card payments like credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards which can be done using PDQ machines or a card reader. A card reader is of three types:

1)    Countertop card reader

These are card readers that you can keep at the counter and use when your customer wants to pay through their card. It’s ideal if you work in retail, like you own a shop, super market, a boutique or a restaurant.

2)    Portable card reader

These card readers are suitable if you want to take your counter around of your establishment! They are easy to carry around to the table of your customer or wherever they are so that they don’t have to bear the inconvenience of standing by the counter to pay.

3)    Mobile card reader

These types of card readers are perfect if your business is on the move. If you provide food delivery service, goods delivery, taxi driver or a sales guy, this is the best kind of card reader you can use. These are portable anywhere within the country and can be used as long as they are charged and are connected to the internet.

All of the above mentioned card readers need mobile data connection to work. There are payment apps which can be downloaded and installed in your smart phone or tablet which along with your card reader helps in the payment process.

How this process works?

  • Connect your card reader with your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  • Open the card processing app on your device and process card payment.
  • Email the receipt to your customer from your device.

Yes! It is as simple as that. Now you can easily control your payments and maintain an electronic record of all your transactions in a day without the help of anyone. Adopting a card reader as method of payment can save your effort and time as well as that of your customers.

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