Employee Training Programs – How PHR Professionals Help

The PHR and SPHR courses as part of the Human Resources certification program cover a range of topics such as employer-employee relations, labor law and also employee training. These laws differ from one country to another and have a number of elements, which are essential to the test. As a part of the PHR study guide, the employee training program section has a lot of questions. Even though employee training programs are standardized, there has to be some variation as the job description changes based on department. This is one among many classic problems. Get the PHR sample test here to get started.

Why employee training programs are crucial

A typical corporate training program has the following weaknesses:

  • Little to do with an organization’s intrinsic and long term goals
  • Lack of support from upper management
  • Lack of consistent and updated content
  • Objectives which are not clear and sometimes, little or no focus

It is up to a department head, HR personnel and trainers to interact with employees, so that they can demonstrate how to share knowledge. This knowledge will make a difference in how their jobs are done on a daily basis. Eventually, this will boost employee productivity and employee accomplishment. Some of the areas include business management, labor relations, workforce planning and training programs, compensation and risk to name a few. Take the PHR sample test here.

Though most corporate training programs are not up to the mark, changing trends make having one or a couple of good training programs in place really essential. These are

  • An ever-changing and evolving market place
  • A company’s ability to respond fast to meet customer demand
  • Innovate and adapt from within to meet market needs
  • Traditional training approaches, which don’t change with the times, making employees slow and unable to keep up

The need for higher performance is becoming more urgent and the focus of development programs is on employee deficiencies alone. When the focus shifts to deficiencies in the work environment as well, it becomes easier for employees to raise productivity. An organization and its employees share a symbiotic relationship and changing both will have a positive effect. This is possible with the help of the Human Resources Department. This department plays a critical role in empowering workers with programs such as cross-training and employee empowerment, streamlined process and so on.

The work of HR personnel is crucial especially with regard to employee training programs. Traditional training methods are being revamped in favor of ‘Just in Time’ training and teaching much needed skills. In such situations, employees are also motivated to take the initiative and learn what they need to do in the job.

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