DIY plastic bottle hacks

Today it is well known that society is throwing too much plastic out to the nature. But when it comes to consumer goods and technological goods have been greatly helped by manmade plastic. There will be over 30 billion jars and bottles thrown out just by Americans in a year. One best way to solve this issue is sending this plastic waste to recycling. Along with this other way to improve the environment is to reuse the plastic bottles at home.

To produce one bottle it will take many liters of bottle. That is why reusing the bottles in one or other way can be the great habit one can cultivate. People can think of low cost crafts, or it can be decorating office or home in a greener way. There are impressive and functional ways to use these bottles which will leave everyone excited.

DIY plastic bottle hacks:

Vertical garden using plastic bottles:

One of the best ways when it comes to reusing the plastic is to make planters. This can be made at office or home. One can make many planters so that it will make a garden. This is the best way to have some greenery and meantime reuse the plastic bottles.

Bottle for soap:

Plastic bottle can be utilized as soap bottles. This is one among the easiest and best way to reuse them. This is quick also. This needs a twist on soap dispenser spout and a plastic bottle.

Extender for sink:

If children are at home then sink extender is really helpful. This can be easily made using old plastic bottles. This will help in reaching the little arms of the children to the water. This just needs scissors and little bit of creativity and nothing else.

Baskets from plastic bottles:

Effective and useful baskets can be made using plastic bottles. For this one may need big bottles. These baskets can be used to keep school supplies and any other thing which will fit in it. These baskets can be made in a way to hold napkins and cell phones as well.

Pencil organizer made from plastic bottles:

This is a kid friendly idea and if this is made along with them they will just love it. This is a cheapest pencil holder and kids will love to use it. One can also decorate them so that they are attractive. This hack just needs paint, scissors and a bottle.

Leaf lamp using plastic bottle

This is one more great way to make use of plastic bottles. This can be really attractive and cheap.


Along with pencil organizers one can also think of any other organizer from plastic bottles like organizers for workbench, kitchen, and bathroom as well.

Magazine holder:

When it comes to large plastic bottles, one can think of making magazine holders from them. In this case also painting and decorations can be done if necessary.

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