Davenport laroche review for international business

This review is straight from the user who has 80 containers with Davenport laroche. But I remember that I have started off with just 4 containers. I have a great experience with this firm in leasing the containers. Recently I sold some of the containers and thereby received a high pay which was as per my contract with Davenport.

Currently I have 70 containers with Davenport. When it comes to customer service, I have no complaint about team. The team always guided me well when buying and leasing the containers. They can give proper information on when to buy the containers and where can we lease them. This is the reason this was one of my investments where I always did well through their complete assistance.

When my leasing contract was about to end they came with ideas like trading my containers. Through this I did trading of the containers. I always experience high returns with all the assistance given my team. This is the reason I recommended Davenport laroche to my friends. This is because I am a happy investor.

Davenport laroche can be considered as low risk and high return investment which I was always looking for. If the investor is interested in hard asset investment this is the best option. I became an investor in Davenport laroche through an advertisement which I saw in some website. That was the time I was looking for additional income. Since I was not sure I just agreed to buy 4 containers. This is because the monthly income starts coming when we at least have 4 containers. I chose high income plan among two plans for leasing.

high return investment

Till date I never regret my decision of investing in Davenport laroche. I always get payment on time. The return on investment is also quite satisfactory. Davenport laroche staffs were always friendly and helpful. They were always ready to help me out in terms of assistance when needed. This is the reason I have 80 containers starting from 4 containers.

Investors can definitely start with more number of containers if they are ready to invest. This is definitely a low risk investment choice. I had experience in gambling on stock market. But this seemed easier than that.

Even I tried selling the containers many a times and I god expected profit. There will be guaranteed return from Davenport laroche and this will be mentioned in the contract. After 5 years we can even sell the containers to them for the initial cost.

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