Coolest SmartwatchesTo Buy In 2017 That Will Define Your Personality

Smartwatches are one of the coolest gadgets to own in 2017, and unlike the ones that were there in 2016, companies have really revamped their products and lived up to the expectations with amazing features. Here are some of the coolest smartwatches you should consider buying without any delay.

Apple Watch Series 2

iWatch Series 1 lacked precision and features. iWatch Series 2 is simply awesome. It has built-in GPS, completely waterproof and one can get all the stats related to health and integrate it with Siri. Apart from usual activities of a smartwatch like customized display, calendar, listening to music, receiving calls and checking out messages, it shows how much you have traveled and lost calories, information about heartbeat, sleeping, and breathing. You can also check apps and get information like weather, news and other necessities. Exercising will become fun with it as there are achievements and badges for achieving milestones. It also sends notifications to keep you active.

Price – $369

LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport is a really cool smartwatch, and the best part is it does not look like one. You can do everything that Apple Watch Series 2 can do. Additionally, you can integrate third-party apps and use Android Pay. But it is not suitable for wearing inside swimming pool and is little bulky. The unique part is you can use it in your gym and get some useful real-time analytics thanks to Google Fit. It has circular shape rather than square as in iWatch. You can charge it wirelessly.

Price – $349

Sony Smartwatch 3

It is a great competition for LG and Apple. It has long battery life and can track activities and movements and sync the data in a fitness app. Apart from GPS, it comes with a compass, accelerometer to detect what exactly you are doing and Gyro measures the movement accurately. It has Wi-Fi and you can check notifications on your smartphone through it and even reply to messages. You can change the strap any time.

Price – $329

FitBit Surge

It is probably the coolest smartwatch on the list. It has all the necessary features as in all other smartwatches. It can track activities with multi-sport modes. Battery life is longest. It monitors your sleep better than other and alarm system is innovative. It has wireless syncing, notification option and you can view progress and records and get badges for health achievements.

Price – $248

You can also check out Samsung Gear S3, LG Watch Style, Casio Smart outdoor Watch, Motorola Moto 360 Sport and Asus ZenWatch 3.

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