Complete guide for how to choose a wedding DJ

Wedding DJ is main responsible to bring enjoyment for your wedding. During your wedding the wedding DJ will play music and also selects the right songs to tempt your guests up onto the dance floor. Here are some tips to choose wedding Disk Jockey for your wedding.

Pointers to keep in mind

  • First ask what the services are provided by the wedding DJ for your weeding. The main role of wedding DJ is to play music for any ceremony. If any formal announcements are there they should also do the announcements. These announcements includes the first cake cut ceremony, lightning lamp, first dance, last dance, about buffet, guest book reminders, giving bouquet etc. if they use the sound system it should include speaker, amplifier, stands to give support for the speakers, microphone, headphone, cables and all other sound equipment’s they should provide. And should also provide moving dance floor lighting, lighting stands and all other lighting equipment’s.
  • If you want to attract the attention of the guests then ask your wedding DJ to provide extra lighting effects to have your wedding DJ celebrations agrand look. If you have a lot of space at your venue hall asks them to provide huge suspended lighting rigs and many moving head lights this gives a amazing look.

  • To get more excitement ask the wedding DJ to combine with many live musicians. A professional wedding DJ with a loved music with the live music brings a lot of excitement and enjoyments for your guests and usually they have contact lists of musicians with them.
  • Ask about what are the different types of DJ’s available for wedding. A professional wedding DJ is somebody who makes his complete job in making the DJ for wedding. Choose your wedding DJ to play the songs auto mix to fade one song into another and should also have music knowledge to play all the new songs and old songs to attract the guests.
  • Before choosing ask how much does a wedding DJ cost? A good DJ will really cost more money. If you book your wedding DJ through the music and entertainment agency then you have to pay for the musician and agency. Go for the reputed company who conducted many local wedding venues.

Choose the best wedding DJ by this it is really very helpful for the others to choose and share your experience with them.

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