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With more and more people becoming internet friendly, it has become quite obvious that music and radio would also be controlled by it. People have now a day’s started using the internet for listening to their favourite radio station. Internet radio has to a large extent taken over the terrestrial radio and it has gained wide popularity among the masses. The radio online is not only easy to listen to as it is easily accessible but it also has not millions but hundreds of radio stations to listen to. There are stations from all around the globe that can be heard through the internet radio. The internet radio has truly become a blessing in disguise for the people as one need not worry about bad reception or bad weather conditions when it comes to listening the radio on the internet.

One can even use a radio tuner to connect the internet radio to the speakers which will definitely give an out of the feeling. With a vast option of radio stations available online, one can tune into a Spanish radio station and listen to it in India or any other continent in the world. In fact those travelling abroad can listen to the radio station of their country or city while on a go which was not the case in a traditional radio. Many of us must have experienced that while travelling to another city the radio station of that city used to catch, so with time and technology everything has evolved. From just having an option of four radio stations to having hundreds of stations to choose from, we definitely have come a long way in terms of growth.

Internet radio has its set of advantages as well as disadvantages like:

  • Searching a radio station of your choice has become quite easy. Not only one can search for their favourite radio station but also for their favourite music.
  • Pre recorded programmes can also be heard again; so in case you miss a live programme there is no tension to take.
  • Fewer advertisements mean more music time.


  • A large number of choices can confuse the people and can be time consuming too.
  • Internet can crash anytime due to heavy traffic, so it can also be unreliable at times.

Even with its disadvantages internet radio is popular among most of the people especially the younger generation.

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