Characters from Mario Bros game

Mario is the protagonist and main lead of the mario series. He first presented in the donkey kong series and later developed mario bros game by the same developers Nintendo. Mario bros game is different from donkey kong except the main character is appeared in this. The mario who is working as a plumber in the sewers has the powers of jumping up to the pipes in which enemies stay. Then he throws them out and get coins upon playing the game. Mario battles with unboundable  ad numerous creatures in the game. This game is a two player kind of game with mario and luigi as players. The mario is displayed with red shirt, hat and blue pant. This is the gameplay of the Mario bros game. Here is in detail about the characters from mario bros game to know its powers and ways to play and win easily in the game.


Luigi is the younger brother of Mario who is tall and similar to mario. He is displayed with green shirt, hat and blue pant. He is the main and supporting character of mario. Luigi is one of the characters from mario bros game and appeared for the first time with this game. The mario bros game is a player mode game because of two brothers paying in this.Luigi’s character is fearful, living with mario, good personality and fights with brother in troubles in completing the work and getting the coins. He is a palette switch of his brother mario with similar deeds and powers. Both luigi and mario work in sewers fighting against the shell creepers and other evil creatures.


Shellcreepers are the monsters in the marios bros game. These are appeared as green bombarded turtles and first introduced in this game. The turtle based monsters are created in the mario game which are predecessors of the koopa villains in the super mario game. The shellcreepers are the first monster who walk at the top going towards the pipe to the bottom of the screen. The player should hit them from down to travel at the top of pipe. If the player cannot jump over them then they get faster than before and travel speedily to down by changing colour from green to purple. If the player defeat the shellcreepers by running over them then they can win the game and get coins.


Sidesteppers are called as crabs as they are created alike crabs. These also introduced for the first time in mario bros game. They beetle in the sides, appear in the pipes and walk to the bottom. The players should roll the sidesteppers twice to run over and defeat them. These also has the ability of changing colors if not flipped again and speeds up in defeating the players. These are the characters of the marios bros game.

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