• To Dive or To Climb, Cebu is the best place to explore

    Cebu is a tourist attraction and is the place to enliven the beauty of nature. It has many beautiful islands like Mactan, Malapascua, Bantayan, and Comotoes. The beaches and mountains are the welcome sights and the hotels which cater to all kinds of people, add more value to your picnic experience. Tourists always look for the best hotel in Cebu…

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  • Best Places to stay in Cebu City this year

    Whenever going on a vacation, a staycation or a business trip, it is important to find a place to stay wherein it can be easily accessible, it is located near the places where you want to go, the services are top notch and the prices are justifiably fair. Whenever you are heading for a trip to Cebu city, one of…

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  • South African Airways – Bringing the World to Africa

    South African Airways was founded in the year 1934 by the South African government. It is an official airline of the Association of Tennis Professionals in South Africa. The airline offers excellent services to people both on the board and on the ground. SAA is currently and historically the only airline in Africa to be attached with the prestigious 4-star…

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  • Ideal Surfing Destinations in Brazil

    Being the fifth largest country in South America, Brazil is an ideal destination if you are a water sports lover. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, surfing in Brazil will treat you to ultimate joy and pleasure. To fill your platter with choices, here are some of the most sought surfing destinations in Brazil. Barra da Tijuca Found…

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    Travel means different things to different people, for some it means travelling for business, for some people it means travelling to meet family members and relatives and for some crazy and interesting people it means adventure. Why people travel depends on a lot of reasons which can be analyze by what people do and what are their occupation or profession.…

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