• ZPIC Ultimate Purpose is To Determine Fraud

    As opposed to a random investigation, the primary purpose of a ZPIC Audit is to determine fraud. If a particular provider is subject to endure a ZPIC audit, it is because of the fact that the ZPIC is seeking to gather more information or it is already the subject of a fraud investigation. That is to gather more information to…

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  • Learn What Happens After a ZPIC Audit

    Are you currently facing a ZPIC audit? You might be wondering what’ gonna happen afterward. There are some instances that the audit results to negative consequences for healthcare providers. A ZPIC audit can have heart-breaking effects on your business which may include loss of income to penalties, worse, losing your business. At Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLC, these group of former…

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  • How a Harrison Barnes lawyer helps you out?

    Are you looking for a professional firm which deals in legal issues? Do you seek for a professional legal placement officer who can free you from all your woes? Here is a firm which deals in the issues which a Harrison Barnes lawyer can handle very dexterously. This firm operates from LA area where there are numerous professionals doing the round…

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