Card reader and Mobile phone: the Rocking Couple in Town!

Imagine how much your mobile phone helps you in your day to day life with life saving features like navigation, search engines like Google, stress relieving games, music and much more. But mobile apps do not stop evolving there. They have decided to make you lazier to the maximum they can! If you own a business throw away those messy and dirty cash drawers and get a card reader and a mobile app to receive your payments.

You might have seen shops and retail stores with card swiping machine which are called PDQ machines. Card readers that can be controlled through your mobile phone or tablet is the next level of these card reading machines which will make your payment receiving methods much cleaner and convenient for you as well as your customers.

Imagine your store without any card payment facilities and your customers have to take the trouble of going to an ATM and get cash just to pay you. Why would they actually take that pain that if there are other stores that have card payment facilities? Lagging behind in upgrading your business can cost you a number of good customers.

These card readers are compact and can be carried around anywhere and everywhere within your country as long as you are connected to the internet. It doesn’t matter if you run a food delivery service or drive a taxi or any other business on the run, a card reader and mobile app can save your business by offering you the easiest way of money transfer.

There are three types of card readers: A countertop card reader is the one which is not portable and is ideal for a retail store where your customers will come to a counter to pay the bill for the things they want to buy.

The second type of card reader is called Portable card reader. These card readers can be moved around within your premises. It consists of a portable part and a base unit. The portable part works on battery whereas the base unit has to be connected to a telephone or broadband line. It can be used in a restaurant where your waiters can get the payment done at the customer’s table rather than make you customer wait at the counter.

The third type of card readers is mobile card readers which we are actually talking about in this article. They can be used anywhere without any base units and can be operated using mobile data. These apps can be connected to your mobile app that helps in card payment. It is just a matter of downloading and installing these apps and nothing messy or complicated to worry about.

Square, Pay Pal Chip card reader, Quick Book’s GoPayment, and PayAnywhere are a few of the card readers available today. They aren’t much different from each other and provide the same facilities. So, now you know what will be the first step in the upgrading process of your retail store.

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