Breeze Through the Quiz

Originally, quizzes serve as a gauge to students’ learning. A topic or set of topics provide the basis in the construction of test items. Quiz results provide teachers with feedback on the performance of students in the subject area. When students generally get low scores, it reflects the lack of mastery of the topic presented or discussed. Good scores, on the other hand, reflect better learning.

However, quizzes have also evolved with technological revolutions. Online media flaunts and boasts of the influx of online quizzes. These quizzes are mostly personality quizzes and have the tendency to deal with the unknown and the uncertain. Academic online quizzes have also mushroomed offering a wide array of topics. Online quizzes, unlike the teacher made quizzes, have been well – received by test takers. In fact, a study found that student’s achievement has been improved with the increase in the number of tries or attempts in answering the latter.

Planet Bits and Bytes

The rise in the popularity of online quizzes can possibly lead to the promotion of and awareness on certain issues. In particular, ecological issues that the planet confronts have to occupy the limelight. With the increasing need to educate the citizens of the world on the most pressing environmental issues, drives and campaigns have to be intensified. And online quizzes play an indispensable role in achieving this end.

Websites have come up with quiz items that deal with the earth’s environmental issues. The quiz questions were not taken out of the blue. The site is home to bits of information about issues covered in the quiz. It resembles a teacher – made test and is interactive as well. It also provides the test taker the opportunity to discuss the topics included in the quiz.

Squeeze through Quiz

The online quizzes are composed of items varying in number and are allotted with time limit, which largely depends on the number and difficulty of items. The planet quiz, a coinage based on the origin and nature of the test, will really squeeze out the best in you because of the time allotment given to each test taker. Fifteen to thirty minutes is allotted to the Mega quiz while five to ten minutes is allotted to the Mini quiz.

Definitely, any of the two versions could leave you to rack your brains. But the good thing is you’ll earn a certificate after having taken the quiz. More importantly, the test will leave you a lasting and positive impression that indeed there is more to be learned and to be done for the planet.

Taking the quiz about the planet earth and the crucial environmental issues that confront it is a step closer to opening yourself to know more about the planet where you live and be one with the rest of the world to make it a better place. It is true that you’ll have to spend time reading and answering the questions. But it will take a maximum of thirty minutes for your to answer — too short compared to about 200 000 years the planet has been home to our very own species.

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