Best Places to stay in Cebu City this year

Whenever going on a vacation, a staycation or a business trip, it is important to find a place to stay wherein it can be easily accessible, it is located near the places where you want to go, the services are top notch and the prices are justifiably fair. Whenever you are heading for a trip to Cebu city, one of the Philippines’ cities wherein the culture and heritage sites are usually the main attractions, you might want to check out one of the Best Places to stay in Cebu City.

The Southpole Central Hotel, ideally located in the middle of Cebu city’s busy business and shopping district, is one of the best places anyone can spend the remainder of their stay in Cebu. Although it is a 3 star hotel, the quality of services and amenities it offers are more than worthy of being in a 5 star hotel and for the price of the rooms, it’s definitely a steal. For more inquiries or for advance bookings, you can go to their website,

Easy access

Whenever you are in Cebu city on a business trip, you just might want to stay at the Southpole Central hotel since it is strategically located in the heart of Cebu’s business district. Going from your hotel to meetings to back to the hotel again won’t be such a hassle since the hotel is quite near to a lot of businesses (hopefully the one where you’re going to as well) and after every meeting, why not unwind and have a couple of beers or any liquor of your choice at their rooftop bar where you can relax, take a breather and enjoy while overlooking Cebu city.

Shopping spree

It’s the perfect place to stay whenever you want to go on a shopping spree since the malls are literally quite near to the hotel. You now have the convenience of having a mall near the place you stay whenever you feel the urge to go shopping for yourself or for souvenirs.

Comparable to 5 stars

While the Southpole Central Hotel might just be a 3 star hotel, the quality of service as well as the amenities they have would make you believe that you’re staying at a 5 star hotel. The rooms are spacious and luxurious and designed in such a way that is very pleasing to the eyes.

Connect instantly

Of course while all hotels have Wi-Fi, the connections are usually far from satisfactory and you still end up using your phone’s data for the duration of the stay since it’s much faster… until you stayed at the Southpole Central, that is. One of the things that Southpole Central boasts of is their high speed internet connections. All the rooms come with free high speed Wi-Fi all supplied by high speed fiber internet wherein the download and upload speeds can go up to 100mbps, that’s fast.

Free is always good

What’s better than having a good breakfast? Having a good breakfast that’s FREE! For the duration of your stay at the Southpole Central hotel, your mornings will be graced by free breakfast and with all the selections that they have, you’ll be having something different every day for the duration of your stay at the hotel.

When finding a place to stay, it is important to know what the place offers and if it is near where you’re going and if the price is justifiable, in this case, when staying at the Southpole Central, you are really getting what you paid for and then some, truly one of the best places to stay when in Cebu city.


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