Best Parental Control Apps Available in Android

Kids are the most precious things that for any parent. This is why most of the parents try to nurture their kids in a good and healthy environment. However, in this era of growing technology, the internet, and smart devices, kids find many stuff that is informational and simultaneously stuff that is potentially harmful and inappropriate as well.

Today most of the kids have access to smartphones, which they use to access the internet. Studies reveal that most of the kids having smartphones are the first to be exposed to the darker side of the internet that can affect them adversely. Furthermore, there are various applications that kids use nowadays that are not meant to be used by the kids.

This is why it has become important for the parents to look after their kids carefully and monitor all the activities that kids do using their smartphones, which is quite difficult to do. That’s why it’s recommended for the parents to use parental monitoring software or applications that can monitor the kid’s activities on the smartphone.

You can find a great number of parental control software for smartphones in the market today, which can confuse you while choosing one for your kid. This is why here is a list of the best parental control applications available for Android smartphones that you can use to keep a check on your kid’s smartphone usage:

Kids place – parental control

This is a very efficient application developed by kiddoware. The application allows the parents to take control of the mobile app usage ensuring that their kids don’t use their smartphones in a harmful way. This lets the parents block some applications and also allows them to restrict the downloads that your kid does on the smartphone.

The application is effective in tracking the calls and the messages as well and if your kid by any means exits from the application the parents can auto restart the application remotely.

Norton family parental control

This application is developed by one of the most renown antivirus and anti-malware software provider. The application from Norton allows you to track all the stuff that your kid does online through the smartphone. it allows you to block inappropriate websites that you think your kid shouldn’t access. The software provides you email notifications about your kid’s activities.

Kaspersky safekids

This is also an application developed by one of the most famous anti-virus provider Kaspersky. This lets the parents monitor their kid’s Android device may it be a smartphone or a tablet for free. Unlike other application that you can find on the market, this software allows you to access the application and control your kid’s activities through other platforms as well. This is why it has been one of the most common apps used by the parents.

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