Best maintainence of your car with Baltimore car service

Baltimore car service offers best services that will effortlessly run your car smoothly and take a ride without any hassles.

A Baltimore Car service maintainence has following elements:


There is regular checkup of car fluids and replacement as and when required. Car fluids such as brake fluids, power steering fluid, etc, are lifelines of a vehicle.These fluids depend on type of vehicle.

The majority of car fluids are:

  • Radiator coolant
  • Engine oil
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Clutch fluid
  • Battery electrolyte fluid (distilled water)
  • Power steering fluid

and possibly more depending on the vehicle type. Check fluids regularly, and replace when needed.


Keeping your car‘s tyres to the right pressure by proper inflation increases life of the tyre. This also minimizes consumption of fuel. Gauges of tyre are convenient to utilize and cheap. Whenever car is pulling to a side during the drive, wheel balancing and alignmentare needed.This will give your tyres long life. Regular tyre rotation will minimize wear unevenly.


Change the rubber of the wipers of the windscreen or splurge on new wiper blades. Spend on quality wipers and notice the difference.

Car service maintainence

Air Filter

Car’s air filter is same as human‘s lungs. When clogged and blocked with dust, the air is dirty that is let in the engine thereby minimizing the car’s performance.Air filters are convenient to reach, and hence, can be changed by you itself. Some of them may be inaccessible which can be altered in a car service centre. Owner’s manual is your guide. It will let you know as to when and how often to change. How to change is also given in there.


Exterior of the car ought to be regularly washed particularly when parking under trees or in a windy and dust filled place. Bat droppings or tree sap can wreck the car paint if not cleaned right away. An unclean car interior appeals cockroaches and the smell turns bad.


Keep track of the age of your battery, keep a check on terminals of the battery for corrosion and top up fluids in the battery whenever required. Make use of distilled water and avoid overfilling. When vehicle is not used often, it can drain the battery, and hence, run the car often. A corroded battery is indicated by a flaky powder at the terminal which can be dangerously acidic.

Mistakes that can ruin your vehicle

Blunders that needs to be avoided to not harm the vehicle are:

  • Do not apply brakes extensively when riding down a lengthy hill. It is much better to alternate instead between letting off and on the brake. This is easier on the brake pads.
  • Utilize a pressure washer for great cleaning on your engine.
  • Change your engine oil and oil filter as suggested in the manual.
  • Utilize the parking brake on somewhat flat ground or steep hill. This will not strain the transmission.
  • Do not ignore the squeaky sounds.
  • Do not shift from reverse to drive until to a full stop.
  • Do not stress on engine while starting
  • When overheating, do not drive.

Car service will enable you fix up all the issues and check your car before hand to avoid hassles.

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