Benzodiazepine Withdrawal – Tips For Coping Successfully

Benzodiazepines also called benzos are a class of psychoactive drugs majorly used for treating anxiety, seizures, insomnia and troubled sleeping. These are known to function by affecting the neurotransmitters released by the brain. One of the known neurotransmitter that is influenced by benzos is called the gamma-amino butyric acid or GABA. These are believed to suppress the activity of nerves as excessive activity can cause many psychological disorders. Now the benzos enhance the effects of GABA reducing the excessive activities of nerves in brain and spinal cord. The drug may successfully treat the condition but on the flip side it causes physical dependence as well. Patients are required to take timely benzo withdrawal help in order to avoid any serious side effects.

The Withdrawal Symptoms and Coping Up with Them

The benzodiazepines are intended to be used for a shorter duration, but if used for a longer duration or is being misused then it increases the risk of dependence. Some of the associated withdrawal symptoms could be increased tension, panic attacks, disturbed sleep excessive sweating, difficulty in concentration and many more.  Therefore patients undergoing treatment for any medical condition where they are being administered benzodiazepines are required to seek benzo withdrawal help as well. Consulting your doctor for the same is advisable as they would guide you in coping up with the withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal may seem a very lengthy and daunting process but with assisted medical help the detox process can be made simpler. A few tips that can make the coping up process simpler include

  • If discontinued abruptly the medication level will drop down drastically in the blood and it can cause withdrawal seizures. Hence it is advisable to go through a slow taper detox.
  • A sloe taper process would involve the doctor gradually decreasing the dosage over time.
  • Each individual may experience a different withdrawal symptoms therefore keep calm and trust your doctor. Else you might increase your anxiety levels.
  • When on the detox process it is always advisable to avoid medications that work on GABA receptors as this can worsen the withdrawal process.
  • Alcohol is also a major hindrance in the withdrawal process as it could worsen the detox process.
  • During the detox process having the support of family and friends also makes a huge difference as they would help you coping up with minimum stress.
  • Indulge in activities which help you relax your body and mind. Even a short walk in fresh air could make all the positive difference.

The withdrawal process may vary depending upon the individuals and the type of benzodiazepine they have been administered. Proper medical help and care can help you come out of this phase strongly.

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