All About SARMs: What is It and How Does It Work? 

You’re here because you wanted to find out the explanation that lies in SARMs. Probably you heard this term from your colleague, coach, or to other gym buddies. But what is SARMs?

Nowadays, different from the traditional weightlifting and bodybuilding industry, there are now more women and men who are into weightlifting compared before. People have finally realized the fact that you don’t need to look like a zero to feel healthy and fit.

Lifting weights alone can’t transform you into a monster of a 300-pound muscle-bound entity. Other people are quite satisfied to build and tone up even a little lean muscle mass. In contrast, some individuals preferred to completely transform their entire body physiques and produce as many muscles as they want.

Though natural bodybuilding is recommendable, if you want to proceed onto the next level of building muscles, you need to be a muscle pro. You will need to make use of muscle supplements other than what you are currently consuming, such as creatine and whey protein.

People are not possible to naturally gain 100 pounds of muscle in half a year without using any Legal Steroids. No matter how awesome you are, or stronger genetics that you may have, it is impossible.

Today’s article will talk about something different than the usual steroids. Today, you’re going to learn about SARMs and what it can do good to your body. SARMs are often named as anabolic androgenic steroids, but in reality, they are totally different.

SARMs: What Is It?

Muscle Gain

SARMs or commonly known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are a group of compounds that are marketed to give similar effects on the person’s body as an anabolic steroid without any harmful side effects.

SARMs are marketed as the safest alternative performance-enhancing drugs compared to steroids. Aside from being the most reliable, there is not yet any concrete and conclusive research to prove this claim though there are promising results that these products can give to users.

SARMs works directly to your muscle tissues, which is the main reason why many experts are convinced that they are safer compared to other performance-enhancing drugs. It is also found to boost muscle mass, improved strength, and enhance athletic performance.

Even though SARMs are safer than steroids, it is still banned in the World Anti-Doping Agency in the athletic competition.

Also, SARMs block a particular receptor in your body so that it can stimulate the others. It can also boast an anabolic ratio of anything up to 3:1 to 90:1. Hence, they are considered as a better drug compared to both anabolic and androgenic.

Moreover, anabolic and androgenic has an awful side effect. It can cause gynecomastia or also known as man boobs, hormonal imbalances, and Palumboism. But with SARMs, it doesn’t have any of these, so you can be at ease while using it.

How Does It Work?

SARMs are created to copy the natural effects of the compound testosterone in the human body. Steroids are designed to do the same result; however, there could be a lot of harmful side effects.

SARMs, however, copy the effects instead of increasing the testosterone. It can tie up the receptors in the body, which include androgen receptors that are mainly responsible for muscle growth. When it binds to the receptors, it promotes muscle hypertrophy and also gives other anabolic benefits. Therefore, it is more considered safe than steroids because they can see your muscles grow to the optimum result.

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